Friends make the best neighbors

Friends make the best neighborsBuilding a strong community begins with connections, and friends are essential to that. At Melody Living in Colorado Springs, we believe that our senior residents thrive to their fullest when they have a say in their community and what better way to build your community than through friendships? We’re not just talking about fostering new friendships, but also bringing existing friendships into the community as well. Studies show that friendships are undoubtedly beneficial for the well-being of people and when the friendships have deep roots and have many years behind them, the benefit is all the greater.


For many people with long-term friendships, the value is that the other person is practically an extension of their family. Anxiety is reduced in social interactions when you have a familiar face nearby, loneliness and boredom are out the door, and ultimately the feeling of security becomes increased simply by having a friend nearby.

Friends make the best neighbors 2Not only is it comforting having a friendly and familiar face around, but it provides that extra sense of companionship. It’s always such a treat having a friend nearby for spontaneous cups of coffee, monthly social outings or even just a chat on the sofa.

It’s important for people of all ages to have a support system and being able to bring along that support system to your new neighborhood is a blessing all its own, which is why we’ve launched our Resident Referral Program. If you’re interested in having your friends or family move-in to your new neighborhood with you, why not get a little something extra out of it?

Resident Referral Program

Melody Living, assisted living and memory support, is offering all residents the chance to receive a $1,000 bonus for any friends and family they’ve referred that move into our community!