How seniors can stay cool this summer

How seniors can stay cool this summerThe birds are singing, the flowers are in full bloom and boy is that sun feeling hotter than ever! Although the summer months in Colorado offer endless opportunities for seniors in our community to get outside and enjoy the sights, it can quickly become an uncomfortable experience if not taken into consideration.

While the indoors offer shade and a quick solution for cooling down, there are plenty of other ways to ensure that your loved one is taking the necessary preventative measures to remain cool whether they’re indoors or outdoors enjoying their own unique lifestyle!

H2-Oh no, I forgot to drink enough water!

It’s easy to forget to drink enough water, especially when you’re busy with all of the fun summertime activities going on. But drinking plenty of water is crucial for staying hydrated and cool in summer months.

Set reminders on your phone that will keep you sipping enough water all day long! Regardless if you’re thirsty or not, it’s important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to stay properly hydrated. It’s also important to avoid beverages that dehydrate you such as: alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks and overly sugared juices.

Wear breathable light clothing

Clothes that are made of 100% cotton allow for seniors to easily cool down during hotter days due to the fabric’s lightweight and breathable material. Avoid polyester fabrics as these keep heat locked in and don’t offer much room between the skin and fabric for air to freely move.

Fill that freezer!

Cool foods like popsicles and ice cream that are easy to eat and cool on the palette are a great way to keep your loved ones cool on those hot summer days – not to mention it’s delicious! Another great option for keeping cool, is throwing a few ice packs into the freezer that can quickly be taken out and wrapped in a towel to place on the neck and shoulders when coming inside after a hot day out with friends.

Additionally, keep in mind seasonal favorites like cucumber salads, sandwiches, sliced watermelon and other summer favorites that are naturally cooler in temperature, but still tantalize the taste buds. Our onsite restaurant and bistro are sure to have a cool beverage or delicious dish that will do the trick!

Grab the shades so seniors can stay cool

Not just the fashionable ones that you wear outside, but pulling the blinds and shades closed inside your home is another great way to keep your home cool when the sun is beating down through the window. You can also turn on the AC unit to keep the climate controlled inside.

There are a variety of ways to ensure your loved one is out of the dangers of the summer heat, but our most important recommendation of them all is to listen to your body. If you’re feeling faint, too hot, too thirsty or dizzy, it’s important to take immediate action before problems get worse.

We always recommend contacting your medical professional for additional ideas for keeping cool, if you know you or your loved one is particularly sensitive to heat.