Resident Centered Care at Melody Living

Resident Centered Care at Melody Living where everything is all about the resident.

Providing a homelike atmosphere, and a community where the resident feels loved, welcomed and comfortable.

What does the resident enjoy and what can we do to make that happen? It is about the resident before the task.

A lady moved in. She wanted to get settled in her room, she wanted a steak dinner and she wanted to watch Monday night football.  And we made sure that happened.

We have several programs.

  • The World we live in. – An educational Program
  • Current Events – to keep them up to date with what is going on around them.
  • Travel Tuesdays – Travel videos to take them to different places in the world.
  • Create Harmony – Resident driven art program in our beautiful art studio.
  • Explore Colorado Springs – Go to different activities where they get to plan where to go for events. Parks, museums etc.

Watch the Video to learn more.