Luxury assisted living in Colorado

luxury assisted living in Colorado
A resident enjoying her new curls.

Enjoying the luxury assisted living in Colorado Springs.

Curls, check! Polish, check! Fresh new you in Melody Living’s onsite salon and spa, double check! Treating yourself never felt so fabulous.

Senior residents at Melody Living in Colorado Springs can sit back, relax and enjoy a little TLC in our chic onsite salon and spa – the Prelude, where rejuvenation comes first.

Our assisted living and memory support residents can enjoy a variety of amenities including haircuts, styles, manicures, massages and more!

One of the eight dimensions of wellness includes physical wellness. Although many might initially consider a fitness center as the prime resource for this, it also includes feeling your best by looking your best.

Our expert stylists, barbers and massage therapists are thrilled to provide Melody Living residents the opportunity to revive and thrive right here at home.